What is a marine engine survey?

It's an inspection and evaluation of the condition and performance of propulsion machinery and related equipment - vessel components that are not thoroughly assessed in other types of marine surveys.

Why is a marine engine survey important?

The marine engine system is critical to the safe and satisfactory operation of a vessel and represents a significant part of the financial investment in a boat. A thorough marine engine survey can identify problems before they lead to engine failure and costly repairs. In my forty years in the industry, I've seen innumerable engine system failures that ruined fun times on the water and resulted in expensive repairs but could have been avoided with a marine engine survey by a trained professional.

A good marine engine survey provides customers the information they need to make competent decisions when they want to buy or sell or maintain and repair a boat.

On what kinds of boats do you conduct marine engine surveys?

I survey all kinds of diesel and gasoline engines and generators on both sail and power boats.

What's covered in your marine engine survey?

I inspect and assess all parts of an engine system: controls, fuel, electrical, cooling and exhaust systems; and engine beds and mounts. I test for compression, blow by, and engine and exhaust temperatures; take oil samples; and go on a sea trial to evaluate engine and vessel performance.

My surveys are thorough, comprehensive, and detailed and made with careful consideration of the unique characteristics of specific models. I diagnose problems, identify trouble spots, and make recommendations consistent with manufacturers' specifications.

What happens after the inspection?

I provide my customers with detailed, written reports of findings and specific recommendations. I oversee and/or inspect repairs if I'm asked to do so.

Where and when are the surveys performed?

While most of my marine engine surveys are in the Chesapeake Bay area, I also travel to other locations. Although my surveys are conducted independently, often I coordinate my work with that of other surveyors or marine professionals.

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Marine Engine Surveyor

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